Technology Supply Chain Management and Logistics

The technology industry works at a fast pace. It's all about getting your products into the hands of tech-hungry consumers and businesses as soon as possible. By outsourcing to DHL Supply Chain you get the supply chain flexibility you need to keep pace with the dynamically changing technology marketplace.

DHL Supply Chain provides you an end-to-end solution for your technology supply chain needs. Our flexible solutions mean we can provide dedicated warehousing, short-term space for a project or space in a shared use facility. Whether managing inbound parts to your manufacturing plant, distributing goods to your customer or servicing your aftermarket parts network, DHL Supply Chain provides you the visibility required to improve efficiency, reduce costs and deliver consistent results.

Your challenge is to develop a streamlined supply chain. To accomplish your goal you need a supply chain partner that continuously provides improvement solutions that keep pace with the changing marketplace. We can help you by using our global scale, supply chain knowledge, analytical skills, and proactive approach to identify alternatives and solutions.

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Core ServicesCore Services

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

We know the costs associated with obsolescent inventory. That's why we focus on helping you increase inventory accuracy and throughput. Whether you need a dedicated warehouse or flexible space in a shared facility, DHL Supply Chain is your single source for the storage, management, and delivery of your technology products.

VMI (Inbound to Manufacturing)

Getting the right parts, in the right place, at the right time is the key to keeping your lines running. We improve your visibility and flow of inbound shipments, so you don't take ownership until the last possible moment.

Assembly & Packaging

DHL Supply Chain can not only warehouse your inventory, but we can provide you flexible, scalable solutions for assembly, configuration, kitting, and packaging. By combining warehousing and packaging into one facility you save transportation costs and reduce inventory.

Transportation Management

Moving technology goods is a delicate choice. You must decide between order size and transportation mode. And you want to do it cost-effectively. That's why our transportation solutions help you minimize movement and cost.

Service Parts Logistics

Providing consistent after market service is a key factor in customer satisfaction. We can help you design a service parts logistics network that will meet your service level agreements while reducing inventory and minimizing transportation costs.

Business SolutionsBusiness Solutions

Reduce Inventory Costs

We understand the high costs associated with technology products. That's why we've designed systems to minimize your inventory. Whether it's postponing the configuration and packaging until the last minute or cross-docking finished goods we'll help you reduce your inventory costs.

Simplify and Control Product Returns

Your company continually focuses on its outbound distribution, but when combined with a well designed reverse supply chain you can increase sales and customer satisfaction. DHL Supply Chain can design a reverse logistics network that will help you recover, fix, and redistribute your valuable products.

How We Work

Case Study: Toshiba Uses Leading-Edge TMS To Cut Transportation Costs

Toshiba, the eighth largest integrated electronic and electric equipment company in the world needed a Transportation Management System (TMS) for proper routing while capturing freight savings. With the help of DHL Supply Chain, Toshiba was able to implement the TMS, save 15 percent in costs, improve order and freight management, and enhance customer service.

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Case Study: Streamlining processes and consolidating facilities helps Xerox reduce supply chain costs

Over the years, Xerox’s spare parts supply chain had grown to support its North American customer base, but the resulting system was overly complex. So the company tapped DHL Supply Chain to standardize and modernize its supply chain. DHL Supply Chain streamlined locations, integrated systems and implemented new technology, leading to a 15 percent cost savings across the entire network.

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