We can handle every aspect of your warehouse design, development, and operation, from the tangible — securing the location, building your facility, getting systems up and running, generating a workforce — to the intangibles of ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and controlled costs.

DHL Supply Chain provides a full range of smart, state-of-the-art warehousing and order fulfillment capabilities designed for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. From design to implementation, we have the people, practices, experience, and technologies to handle every aspect of your warehouse development and operations. And because we're so experienced at assisting retail clients, we build optimal IT systems and seasonal scalability right into the solution.

Our services support inbound logistics, distribution, and aftermarket capabilities in a way that enhances inventory management, reduces total operating costs, and improves cycle times. We also offer an array of value-added services tailored to your specific retail need. These include shared distribution facilities and "supplier parks," which offer opportunities for manufacturers in similar channels to reduce logistics costs, minimize transportation and inventory costs, and share resources.

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DHL Supply Chain Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Services

  • Contract warehousing
  • Distribution support
  • Pick-and-pack services
  • Cross-dock and flow center designs
DHL Supply Chain Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Services
  • Return goods management
  • Dedicated and shared use facilities

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Real Estate

We offer more than 100 million square feet of warehousing and distribution space, serving nearly every storage and fulfillment need.

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Case Study: Green lighting initiative brightens the way toward electricity savings, employee satisfaction

Reducing corporate carbon footprints is challenging — programs need to achieve real value for both the environment and a company’s bottom line. DHL Supply Chain and its EV Logistics joint venture partner, Versacold, identified an opportunity that accomplished both: a high-output facility lighting project. The team analyzed and implemented high-efficiency warehouse lighting that conserved electricity, improved safety and reduced costs.

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