Product flow management, when properly employed, blends a variety of tasks to bring your supply chain into harmony. By helping you respond quickly to changing customer demands, it makes you more timely; by taking steps out of the sourcing process, it makes you more efficient. And when you consolidate your efforts and command better value from vendors, you become more cost efficient.

DHL Supply Chain provides the network and financial analysis necessary to build a solution that's exactly right for you. We'll help you understand the product flow process and benefits. We'll help you plan and manage your inventory so you're ready whenever your customers are. And we'll deliver the stock right from your source to your door.

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DHL Supply Chain Product Flow Solutions

  • Inventory planning and analysis including peak season planning, setting up outside storage operations and leveraging DHL Supply Chain's campuses to support operations
  • Order management leading to improved order accuracy, order processing, reduced costs, and improved order fulfillment through connectivity and integration
  • Network design services, including determining where to locate facilities and justifying economics of supplementing network with fast moving, bulk and/or seasonal operations
DHL Supply Chain Product Flow Solutions
  • Financial modeling including capture of warehousing, transportation, inventory and order processing costs, analysis of current cash flows and scenario simulations

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An effective supply chain evolves to meet changing business needs. We are in constant pursuit of ways to make yours work smarter.

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Case Study: Driving growth strategies for one of the world's leading retailers by focusing intensely on what stores need

A key contributor to success for any retailer is ensuring the right mix of products is available for purchase by customers. When a leading convenience store chain experienced operational challenges in keeping stores fully stocked with the right mix of products for customers, it tapped DHL Supply Chain to address the situation. The team designed and executed a solution that included daily store deliveries, consolidation of preferred providers and a focus on the individual needs of stores. Fill rates improved by nearly 4 percentage points, substantially improving the customer experience.

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