When it comes to demand planning, nobody's better than DHL Supply Chain. The skill and experience of our dedicated demand management team, coupled with the technology we bring to the table, make us the ideal partner for any retailer.

Our capabilities range from establishing baseline sales forecasts from multiple inputs to devising ideal pricing strategies. We can perform the sophisticated analyses necessary to optimize your human and capital resources, and we can do the simpler stuff as well, like manage your inventory and track vendor performance. We can help you better understand your markets and even provide advice and support for your promotional programs.

And we're truly your partner in all of this. In fact, we base our compensation on our ability to achieve your agreeable business targets, whether that's measured by increased service levels, reduced days on hand, decreased obsolete and excess inventory, trimmed transportation costs, or improved business processes.

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DHL Supply Chain provides consulting and analysis to help companies improve supply chains and get products to market faster.

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Case Study: Demand Management Services Slash Costs and Boost Service Levels for Regional Grocery Chain

United Supermarkets decided to convert from a wholesale to self distribution model. But it needed a partner that could perform demand management services to transition and manage this model effectively. DHL Supply Chain constructed a build-to-suit warehouse that incorporated systems and processes to support self distribution, and provided comprehensive demand planning, replenishment, deployment and reporting activities. The customized solution enabled the successful transition to a self distribution model while lowering costs and inventory, and improving service.

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