Improve your in-store cost efficiency and on-shelf product availability by applying our proven logistics and supply chain principles. By working with the "upstream" supply chain to deliver your products in a store-friendly format, we'll streamline your backroom and shelf-replenishment operations. Not only will this increase productivity, but you'll gain time to focus on the core issues that contribute to your out-of-stocks. In addition, we'll customize when and how your goods are delivered so you can maximize your high-cost floor space for sales, not storage.

For shopping malls, city centers, airport malls, and retailers within these environments, we offer consolidation center operations. These solutions reduce congestion; increase sales by replenishing more products faster and more frequently from cheaper off-site storage; and deliver goods in a shelf-ready format, freeing your staff to focus on serving customers versus performing backroom duties.

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DHL Supply Chain Dedicated Transport Services

  • Cross-dock and store delivery
  • Pool distribution plans
  • Backroom inventory support
  • Customer-facing services
DHL Supply Chain Dedicated Transport Services

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Case Study: Driving growth strategies for one of the world's leading retailers by focusing intensely on what stores need

A key contributor to success for any retailer is ensuring the right mix of products is available for purchase by customers. When a leading convenience store chain experienced operational challenges in keeping stores fully stocked with the right mix of products for customers, it tapped DHL Supply Chain to address the situation. The team designed and executed a solution that included daily store deliveries, consolidation of preferred providers and a focus on the individual needs of stores. Fill rates improved by nearly 4 percentage points, substantially improving the customer experience.

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