Retail Logistics and Supply Chain Management

We know that demanding customers, hyper-competitive markets, increased customization, and other retail challenges have major implications for logistics. So we offer a host of integrated services that can improve every phase of your supply chain, satisfy your customers, and help you optimize your market position.

Over the years, we've developed countless innovative solutions for supply chain management, then honed and refined them as we've worked with companies around the world. When it comes to analyzing, optimizing, and managing transportation, warehousing, and other retail logistics, nobody's better than DHL Supply Chain.

We have a significant infrastructure and operational presence in most global retail markets, with a portfolio of services that spans everything from supply chain strategy and network design to in-store logistics. No wonder so many leading retailers around the world choose us as a trusted contract logistics provider.

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Core ServicesCore Services

Dedicated Transport for Store Delivery

With cross-docks, store delivery, pool distribution, and backroom inventory support, DHL Supply Chain has all the resources you need to create the optimal store delivery solution.

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

Put your products in your customers' hands faster and stay a step ahead of your competition. When you get your customers' orders right, ready, and on time, they'll thank you — and so will your bottom line.

Transportation Management

Fundamental processes like transportation are at the heart of retail supply chain efficiency. DHL Supply Chain helps make planning, transportation, and distribution a seamless, visible, and cost-effective process.

Business SolutionsBusiness Solutions

Manage & Fulfill E-Commerce Transactions

In a flatter world, direct-to-consumer is an increasingly challenging channel for retailers. From design to deployment of e-commerce fulfillment systems, DHL Supply Chain is ready to help you perform online.

Manage an International Supply Chain

When you've found the perfect item in Bangkok to satisfy that customer in Boise, you want to make its trip around the world as quick and easy as possible. We can help, with customer-focused international supply chain solutions that let you maximize the value of global sourcing.

Optimize Product Flow

Product flow management, when properly employed, can help you plan and manage your retail inventory so you're ready whenever your customers are — in the most timely, efficient, agile, and cost-efficient manner possible.

How We Work

Case Study: Demand Management Services Slash Costs and Boost Service Levels for Regional Grocery Chain

United Supermarkets decided to convert from a wholesale to self distribution model. But it needed a partner that could perform demand management services to transition and manage this model effectively. DHL Supply Chain constructed a build-to-suit warehouse that incorporated systems and processes to support self distribution, and provided comprehensive demand planning, replenishment, deployment and reporting activities. The customized solution enabled the successful transition to a self distribution model while lowering costs and inventory, and improving service.

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Case Study: Supply chain solution provides ThinkGeek flexibility to manage peak volume and year-on-year growth

ThinkGeek originated as a home-based operation and has transformed into a rapidly growing e-tailer. The company needed a supply chain partner that could keep pace with increasing fourth quarter volumes and manage for future growth, so it partnered with DHL Supply Chain. With its e-commerce expertise, DHL Supply Chain designed and implemented a solution that included a new – and smaller – facility, vertical mechanization, state-of-the-art systems, and the right staffing levels. ThinkGeek now benefits from a supply chain solution that is positioned to meet volume demands with a high degree of flexibility and efficiency.

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