DHL Supply Chain draws on proven experience when designing optimum supply chain performance in the life sciences industry. We're effective because we know what it's like to be in your shoes. We know you're dealing with global sourcing, complex supplier relationships, shorter business cycles, and the inherent intricacies of your own operations.

Thorough analysis and innovative design is at the heart of an effective supply chain solution. We support your needs with targeted expertise in business process design and improvement, network optimization, strategic transportation design, facility layouts and simulations, packaging, technology, and labor and staff planning. The result: we've earned a reputation for consistently delivering solutions that streamline operations and improve control.

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Case Study: Novartis Partners with DHL Supply Chain for Strategic Supply Chain Outsourcing

Novartis, a leading global pharmaceutical manufacturer, recognized the need for a more flexible supply chain that could support varying and expanded distribution strategies. Collaboratively, Novartis and DHL Supply Chain developed a supply chain repositioning plan without disrupting the continuity of supply to customers. Novartis relocated its warehouse, optimized IT processes, and implemented customer-centric initiatives. Volume ramped up quickly, while total costs and cost per unit declined sharply. And, the flexibility achieved enabled Novartis to remain focused on its core objective: patient care.

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Case Study: Top Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Expands into Mexico with DHL Supply Chain

Faced with the challenge of rapid growth after two acquisitions in the Mexican market, one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world needed a flexible, expandable and responsive supply chain to support market share projections. The company turned to DHL Supply Chain and its Pharmashare® shared-use solution. Pharmashare provides volume flexibility without sacrificing service or quality, and DHL established robust operational processes and the right systems to help the customer achieve success in the Mexican market.

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