Medical equipment. Prescription drugs. OTC products. Animal healthcare products. The packaging needs for these and other life sciences products are as diverse as their recipients. Whether you're shipping to a pharmacy, a hospital or a veterinary clinic, DHL Supply Chain can help assemble and package your deliveries so they're right for each customer.

For product launches and fulfillment operations, we offer post-manufacturing kitting, clinical trials support, and samples and literature fulfillment. We can even help you design a samples kit that delivers all the components in a single, low-cost package.

By repackaging products and applying RFID labels we help ensure your pharmaceuticals are compliant with new retailer requirements. If you're also shipping over-the-counter products to these retailers, we can assemble and ship promotional displays in the same delivery.

All assembly and packaging is completed in segregated secure areas adjacent to the product storage areas. Eliminating product movement for packaging maintains product efficacy, increases security and helps you manage costs.

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Key Packaging Services

  • Trade product packaging
  • Clinical trials logistics support
  • Samples and literature fulfillment
  • Secondary packaging
Key Packaging Services
  • Equipment and literature kitting
  • RFID label application

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