When it comes to new drugs, first to market means big market share and huge revenues for manufacturers. More importantly, patients, hospitals and physicians count on new products being there to treat illnesses or even save lives.

Pharmaceutical companies trust DHL Supply Chain to get their products where they need to be swiftly and flawlessly. It requires a precision plan for getting to market fast — whether you're the developer of the drug or a generic manufacturer awaiting patent expiration.

Product has to be available in the warehouse, but segregated and shrouded until approval comes. Special packaging needs to be ordered. Labor plans need to be mapped out based on anticipated orders. Transportation and parcel shipment providers need to be lined up and ready to deliver.

DHL Supply Chain knows what it takes to be ready to ship on FDA approval date — even if no one is quite sure when that day will arrive. Thousands of orders can be ready for next-day delivery on a moment's notice. And for even bigger launches we can anticipate the "go" signal, pick orders, and stage deliveries while the light is still yellow, even if launch day is a Sunday or a holiday.

A perfect execution can mean tens of millions in incremental sales. You need a partner you can count on — one that's done it before and knows what it takes. You need DHL Supply Chain.

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Case Study: Fast supply chain response helps pharmaceutical giant win race to market

Nowhere is speed-to-market more crucial than in the pharmaceutical industry. While one drug manufacturer awaited FDA approval for a generic medication, DHL Supply Chain designed a flexible, responsive product launch solution that was deployed within hours. The drugs were delivered next day to distributors, capturing the majority market share for DHL Supply Chain's customer.

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