The healthcare industry today is evolving rapidly. New regulations have changed the way hospitals and healthcare providers are reimbursed, ultimately demanding that their focus be applied to managing their supplies and cash flow, in addition to helping their patients.

As IDN’s continue to grow through mergers and acquisitions, health systems are turning to new supply chain strategies to consolidate the multiple supply chains and redundant services across their system. They are relying less on wholesalers and shifting to self-distribution models, directly sourcing materials from manufacturers. This gives them control over their formulary management and standardization initiatives. The epicenter of this strategy is a consolidated service center (CSC); designed to centralize supply chain related tasks into a dedicated operation outside of the hospital. The CSC is not only used to control costs, drive consistency, and free up clinical areas but it also adds new complexity to the supply chain.

DHL Supply Chain has the logistics capabilities, global reach, and experience to support your supply chain initiatives. Our experience operating 329 U.S. sites and LSHC operations in 44 countries brings tremendous knowledge of automation, process optimization, facility solutions, and workforce management capabilities.

Our systems not only improve efficiencies and reduce total business costs, but they lay down the template for a continuous improvement process across your system.

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DHL Hospital Logistics Services

  • Real Estate and Capital Planning
  • Omni-Channel Service Center Operations
  • Demand Management — Inventory Optimization
  • Regulatory & Licensing Credentials
  • Labor Optimization
  • Optimized and Integrated Technology
  • Value Added Services
  • Fleet Management & Optimization

How We Work

Case Study:
NHS Integrated Procurement & Supply Chain

In the UK, The National Health Services (NHS) serves a population of more than 55 million and managed six independent distribution centres across England, but a lack of inventory visibility resulted in excess inventory and no ability to supply from other centres in the event of stock-outs. The NHS turned to DHL’s team of procurement experts to expand the range of products through a centralized online procurement catalogue and implement innovative chain solutions to reduce costs.

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Case Study: 
Mexico Hospital Logistics

A medium sized private hospital group in Mexico was seeking a provider with a strong logistics background to manage their logistics activities. Their current hospital facilities were space constrained and their logistics activities were having an impact on procurement practices. DHL provided off-site consolidation to allow space to be redeployed, completed inventory analysis to help reduce inventory and optimize tracking and improved operational efficiency. 

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