Clinical trials are an important part of the research, development, and approval process for new drugs. Participating doctors count on pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide the information and supplies they need to adequately assess the benefits and risks to patients during this critical phase.

DHL Supply Chain partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world to deliver ancillary supplies, information packets, and white papers to doctors. Timing is everything; making sure supporting documentation arrives at the same time as the drugs shipped from the manufacturer is a precise process.

We understand these aren't just any shipments. We ship everything by named patient and will only release the supplies to qualified individuals. It's all about integrity and accuracy.

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DHL Supply Chain Clinical Trials Solutions

  • Supplies management
  • Import / export support
  • Secondary packaging
  • Time-critical specialist courier services
DHL Supply Chain Clinical Trials Solutions
  • Returns handling
  • Online visibility of stock and status of supplies

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