Class II narcotics such as morphine, methadone and codeine require extra-special handling and storage. Not just anybody can manage these highly regulated products. Until recently, most pharmaceutical companies used vaults at their manufacturing operations to maintain control. With more manufacturing moving overseas and the costs to build new high-security vaults escalating, companies need a better option.

That's why DHL Supply Chain introduced a DEA-licensed Class II narcotics vault in 2007 — and with it all the services a pharmaceutical manufacturer needs to store, package and deliver these high-value products.

Strategically located on DHL Supply Chain's central Pennsylvania campus, the space is 6 to 8 times larger than the average manufacturer's vault — with room to expand to accommodate increasing demand.

Equipped with the latest technologies to ensure DEA compliance, the facility features biometric hand readers and monitored security cameras.

It's like having your very own high-security vault without a significant capital investment.

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