Pharmaceutical Medical and Healthcare Supply Chain Solutions

Pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, and medical equipment companies provide life-saving products to the global community. It's a big responsibility — one that requires regulatory oversight and risks that far outweigh the typical supply chain investment.

DHL Supply Chain understands the challenges facing life sciences companies. We've created solutions that help you meet today's supply chain challenges and anticipate those of tomorrow. Track and trace, item level serialization, cold chain flexibility, and direct distribution are among the many business needs you're facing. We can help develop solutions together.

Specialty logistics service providers are prevalent in the life sciences industry. DHL Supply Chain is one of the only complete supply chain providers for this market. It's not just the services we offer that make us unique. Our disciplined processes, high quality standards and commitment to zero defects mean that you'll get reliable, consistent service. These repeatable processes also ensure compliance with government agencies such as the FDA and the DEA.

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Core ServicesCore Services

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

We keep your products safe, whether you need half a warehouse or five, temperature-controlled or high-security storage. Orders are handled efficiently, delivering products on-time and ready for sale.

Transportation Management

Moving healthcare products takes extra care. Valuable products are most vulnerable when in motion. You also need to move products cost-effectively. That's why our transportation solutions minimize risky and expensive product moves.

Secondary Packaging

There's no one size fits all when it comes to packaging healthcare and medical products. The way you pack, label and ship varies depending on whether you're sending to a pharmacy, doctor's office or hospital. Product matters, too. OTC means promotional packaging. For pharmaceuticals and supplies, it's about assembly and labeling.

Business SolutionsBusiness Solutions

Transformation of the U.S. Medical Device Supply Chain

Business as usual ended in 2013 for the U.S. medical device industry. Although it sounds dramatic, the statement is a fair one. The U.S. healthcare sector is undergoing massive change – thanks to a convergence of factors including:

  • Phase-in of the Obama Administration’s new healthcare plan – The Affordable Care Act
  • A new 2.3 percent federal excise tax on medical devices that took effect in January 2013
  • Intense price pressure from payers – insurance companies, corporations and government
  • A payer-driven shift in performance requirements - from selling devices to delivering positive patient outcomes

While these developments did not come as a surprise to the industry, they are driving medical device companies in the United States to rethink everything – including their supply chains.

Optimize Network for Uncertain Demand

We know that as a life sciences & healthcare business, you face a wide range of new - and emerging - challenges, all of which have a direct impact on your supply chain.

Expiring global patents and regulatory changes are causing uncertain demand, which creates challenges in quickly scaling up or down as customer demand fluctuates. This is why we've built PharmaShare, a shared-use supply solution where several customers share the same physical warehouse and transportation infrastructure.

DHL Supply Chain's shared-use facilities are scalable, repeatable and provide the cost efficiencies necessary to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace.

Let DHL Supply Chain provide a supply chain tailored to your needs.

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Execute Clinical Trials More Efficiently

Clinical trials are a critical part of the research and development process for new drugs. We ensure participating doctors have the right information and supplies to complete their trials.

Protect Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceutical Products

Some products require special handling to maintain product integrity. Our cold chain solutions maintain the right temperature from the time we receive the product to the minute it arrives at its destination.

How We Work

Case Study: Top Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Expands into Mexico with DHL Supply Chain

Faced with the challenge of rapid growth after two acquisitions in the Mexican market, one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world needed a flexible, expandable and responsive supply chain to support market share projections. The company turned to DHL Supply Chain and its Pharmashare® shared-use solution. Pharmashare provides volume flexibility without sacrificing service or quality, and DHL established robust operational processes and the right systems to help the customer achieve success in the Mexican market.

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Case Study: DHL Supply Chain's Disaster Recovery Efforts Save Their Customer's Operation

The customer’s Southaven, Miss., distribution center encountered a crisis situation after a major rainstorm hit the area. Excessive water on the roof of the facility caused a 10,000 square foot section to collapse. The incident caused considerable structural and electrical damage that exposed the inside of the warehouse and cut off power in the entire facility. With 5,000-7,000 overnight orders of life saving medical devices and pain management products to fill, along with 550 products that required temperature controlled storage, DHL Supply Chain needed to act fast to ensure operations and product availability.

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