Whether you're a large multinational manufacturer or a smaller regional manufacturer, you need to guarantee supply of inbound raw materials to manufacturing plants and outbound finished goods to end customers. DHL Supply Chain meets these challenges head on, delivering value from one end of the industrial supply chain to the other.

DHL Supply Chain can fill every transportation management role you've got. Our processes and technologies make sure your shipments arrive safely and are effectively managed every step of the way, regardless of mode. We can oversee your entire transportation operation, consolidate shipments, and help you choose modes and carriers. We also help you control costs by managing rates, fuel costs, freight bills, and payments.

With fewer vendors and tasks to manage, you'll have more time to focus on your core business. Namely, making great products for customers around the country and beyond.

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DHL Supply Chain Transportation Management Services

  • Strategic design
  • Procurement
  • Order management
  • Optimization
  • Track and trace
DHL Supply Chain Transportation Management Services
  • Claims management
  • Carrier management
  • Analysis and reporting

How We Work

Technology Integration

Technology should respond to your business, not the other way around. Our process determines precisely what transportation management system will work best for you.

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Process Improvement

An effective supply chain evolves to meet changing business needs. We are in constant pursuit of ways to make yours work smarter.

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