DHL Supply Chain is a leader in providing real estate services integrated with supply chain management and strategic solutions for our customers. We advise clients on every phase of real estate infrastructure, whether you lease or purchase and develop property for your supply chain.

DHL Supply Chain can provide expert assistance in evaluation and acquisition or land and facilities, help source funding for development, and advise in the design and engineering of the final project. We're also effective asset managers, and can help prepare real estate budgets, optimize use of the space, and manage the entire facility.

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DHL Supply Chain provides consulting and analysis to help companies improve supply chains and get products to market faster.

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Case Study: Integrated solution helps global leader in air conditioning reduce complexity, manage risk and minimize costs

For the global leader in residential air conditioning, new government-mandated efficiency standards necessitated changes to product design that significantly impacted storage and distribution processes. Because of its expansive resources and expertise, DHL Supply Chain was able to deliver a solution for both real estate and operations that helped dramatically reduce complexity and time. DHL Supply Chain served as the single point-of-contact for both facility and operations projects, allowing the customer to focus on its business goals.

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