Industrial and Manufacturing Supply Chain Solutions

The pressure to be competitive is forcing you to adjust the way you do business. For many industrial producers, the solution for increasing material and labor costs is to look overseas for product sourcing. And for every dollar saved offshore, another dollar (or more) will be spent on an increasingly complex supply chain.

DHL Supply Chain understands the unique logistics challenges facing industrial, manufacturing, and engineering companies. We provide a wide range of services that help align warehouse and transportation operations with your business strategies. Our processes, technology, and extensive network of facilities throughout the Americas drive cost and capital out of your operations, while ensuring consistent and predictable service.

We let you focus on what you do best: design, engineer, and manufacture products the world depends on. With DHL Supply Chain as a partner, your goods will be delivered as safely and efficiently as possible.

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Core ServicesCore Services

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

We make sure your products are handled, organized, accounted for, and shipped economically. Our national network of dedicated and shared-user facilities is just one aspect of the end-to-end solutions we offer to industrial customers.

Sub-Assembly & Kitting

DHL Supply Chain can not only warehouse your inventory, but we can provide you flexible, scalable solutions for sub-assembly, configuration, kitting, and packaging. By co-locating warehousing and packaging you save transportation costs and reduce inventory.

Transportation Management

Getting products form here to there isn't as simple as it used to be. Our customized transportation systems find efficiencies, reduce complexity, and improve visibility, historical data, and execution.

Business SolutionsBusiness Solutions

Get Materials to Production Lines Just-in-Time

From global collection points to local consumption points, DHL Supply Chain supports the inbound flow of materials from suppliers to your production lines. Lean strategies increase efficiency and ensure just-in-time deliveries.

Coordinate International Suppliers

Offshore sourcing is a key strategy in meeting cost and manufacturing goals. Managing the realities of global logistics — security, international law, customs, and more — requires a partner with the local knowledge you need to manage international suppliers.

Improve Availability of Replacement Parts

Great service depends on having the right part when and where you need it. Our aftermarket service and replacement parts solutions — from sourcing to dedicated delivery services — provide the value you want and the service levels you need to keep customers satisfied.

Keep Manufacturing Running (MRO)

Your plants are only profitable when they're producing. We help industrial companies like yours control MRO supply and inventories, manage critical spares, and reduce MRO costs overall.

Optimize and Simplify Fleet Operations

DHL Supply Chain’s Dedicated Contract Carriage solution gives customers access to one of the largest transportation networks, supported by seasoned logistics professionals. Companies achieve new economies of scale through shared delivery, resulting in less duplication and greater efficiency.

How We Work

Case Study: Network consolidation improves supply chain efficiency

Companies' needs change as they grow, and sometimes this means an outdated distribution network requires immediate attention. A leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment selected DHL Supply Chain to consolidate the current network into one high-velocity center that improved customer service, reduced overhead and eliminated redundancies.

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Process Improvement

An effective supply chain evolves to meet changing business needs. We are in constant pursuit of ways to make yours work smarter.

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