We’re a supply chain partner that takes responsibility for assembling and managing the resources, capabilities, and technology of not only our own organization, but also those of complementary service providers.

As the lead logistics provider (LLP), DHL Supply Chain is responsible for planning and implementing tailored supply chain solutions that optimize performance, cost, and development of supply chain functions, transactions, systems, and logistics suppliers. We establish service level agreements across the supply chain, and can even provide one contact point and one invoice. Our approach also involves the management, optimization and execution of inbound and outbound logistics — including the implementation of origin-based networks.

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How DHL Supply Chain's LLP Solution Adds Value to Your Business

  • Improve the visibility, transparency, and service levels of transport operations, while reducing complexity and cost
  • Enhance stock visibility and transparency, lower inventories, and reduce supply chain complexity, while improving stock availability, accuracy and lead times, and productivity
  • Reduce operating costs in distribution, transport, procurement, and staffing
  • Reduce working capital from inventory and shorter order cycle times
How DHL Supply Chain's LLP Solution Adds Value to Your Business
  • Reduce fixed capital from efficient asset transfer and higher asset utilization
  • Enhance product quality, availability, and customer service, while increasing profitability and shareholder value

How We Work

Solution Design

DHL Supply Chain provides consulting and analysis to help companies improve supply chains and get products to market faster.

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Technology Integration

Technology should respond to your business, not the other way around. Our process determines precisely what transportation management system will work best for you.

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