Keeping the right equipment and parts on-site to repair and maintain production equipment is a balancing act. You need to keep manufacturing running while minimizing unnecessary overhead.

It’s about more than just having the right part at the right time. It’s about planning, managing inventory, coordinating deliveries from a wide variety of suppliers, having real-time visibility of every part in the pipeline, and making sure the whole complex, resource-intensive process is cost effective. This complexity is what makes maintenance, repair, and operations supplies (MRO) so challenging for so many businesses. DHL Supply Chain can assist with every aspect because ours is literally a complete MRO solution.

Identifying and eliminating indirect supply chain inefficiencies requires a close look at the processes, people, and technologies involved in the entire MRO supply chain. This initial evaluation helps to identify each component of the total cost of ownership. Our goal is to look beyond just price, and analyze less-obvious expenses, eliminate waste, and ultimately streamline the supply chain.

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DHL Supply Chain MRO Solutions

  • MRO Lead Logistics Provider - Supply chain assessment and re-engineering; assemble and manage complementary service providers; manage and report performance and costs of all supply chain functions
  • Transportation - Supplier sweep; fleet operations; expedited transportation procurement; dynamic and fixed route delivery inside large plants
  • Inventory Planning and Optimization - Open bin management; plant storeroom management; consignment; project-specific inventory management and turnarounds
  • Value-Added Services - Critical spares management; tool repair management
  • Site Logistics - Delivery to the point of use; receipt and put away; tool crib management; manned and unmanned store management; plant turnaround support
DHL Supply Chain MRO Solutions
  • Contract Management and Procurement - Strategic sourcing; procure-to-pay and supplier compliance programs
  • Warehousing - Cross docking; order consolidation; priority sorting; off- and on-site storage

How We Work

Case Study: A creative and comprehensive approach to MRO supply supports up-time goals for an oil sands producer in northern Alberta

A leading oil sands producer needed an integrated maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supply chain to meet higher production and maintenance targets. After plant and design audits, DHL Supply Chain formulated a comprehensive solution that included a new logistics network, dedicated transport, package tracking technology, and strategic procurement. This leaner supply chain improved performance, while reducing MRO stock-outs by 100%.

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Case Study: Reducing MRO costs for a leading petrochemical company

A leader in the petrochemical industry wanted to streamline maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supply across the company without jeopardizing existing operations. After a detailed supply chain analysis, DHL Supply Chain designed and delivered a unique solution that met these needs and reduced on-site inventory and transportation costs.

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