The oil and gas industry is facing challenges on a global scale. Sources are remote and difficult to access, and exploration costs are rising almost as quickly as demand. Often, materials are handled by different players at opposite ends of the world.

DHL Supply Chain knows how important it is to reduce expenses and increase efficiency in times like these, and our supply chain solutions are designed to do exactly that. We apply our industry experience to analyze each step of your supply chain, then design and implement a complete solution. And because of our global presence, we can support you wherever you are in the world. Our solutions provide just-in-time access to spare parts, supplies, and materials to optimize operational efficiency. And, our commitment to safety, security, health, and environmental compliance ensures that you'll be on top of these critical issues. This allows you to focus on your core business with fewer interruptions for maintenance and manufacturing personnel.

There’s a reason DHL Supply Chain is the leading global logistics supplier. Combining our knowledge of the oil and gas industry with integrated data, information systems, and global resources, provides tailored supply chain solutions that no competitor can match.

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Core ServicesCore Services


A streamlined solution from DHL Supply Chain brings bottom-line benefits. Decrease your investment in fixed assets, inject consistency, increase inventory visibility, and quickly respond to changes in demand.

Dedicated Site Transport

A safe and reliable transportation solution from DHL Supply Chain supports plant and site operations. From management of specialized transportation equipment to optimal routing and traffic scheduling, we can do it all. At the same time, you increase tracking and control of materials coming into your site.

Site Logistics

Having an on-site partner gives you a leg up in meeting and exceeding key performance indicators. If it’s happening within your facilities or at a remote site location, DHL Supply Chain can handle it for you.

Business SolutionsBusiness Solutions

Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO)

Don’t let interruptions slow you down. Enhanced visibility into your indirect supply chain gives you more efficient, reliable, and lean MRO. The right part will be ordered every time with minimum waste and maximum quality.

Make Maintenance Teams More Productive (Engineering Response)

Get the right materials to the right place and help plant contractors and field maintenance staff achieve optimal uptime and timely preventive maintenance.

Supply Chain Manager (LLP)

As the supply chain manager, or lead logistics provider, DHL Supply Chain forms strategic partnerships to manage and execute logistics activities. We take responsibility for aligning and managing the resources, capabilities, and technology of our organization with those of complementary service providers, and serve as one point of contact for customers.

How We Work

Case Study: Integrated Supply Chain Improves Up-Time and Reduces Complexity for One of the World's Largest Oil Corporations

Located in the Middle East, an oil industry leader faced challenges keeping up with growing demand and maintaining control over an increasingly complex and geographically dispersed operation. Armed with strong energy-sector expertise, DHL Supply Chain designed and implemented reliable solutions for maintenance, repair and operations supplies replenishment, as well as transportation, workforce development and HSSE procedures. The customer significantly improved service levels and visibility, thereby reducing costs.

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Case Study: Managed transportation solution adds control, improves visibility and removes costs from inbound freight program

On behalf of a global oilfield services customer, DHL Supply Chain designed and executed a comprehensive managed transportation solution that removed inefficiencies in the inbound shipping process and improved management of a large number of vendors. Solution components included order management, shipment creation and execution, and freight audit and payment. And the customer now benefits from increased visibility, a more orderly distribution network and lower costs.

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