Energy Supply Chain and MRO Solutions

Demand for energy is increasing everywhere, from one end of the world to the other. There's an emphasis on the environment, sustainability, security, and energy efficiency. Safety is also a primary concern. Energy companies are responsible for keeping up with ever-changing regulations, all while exploring new technologies and maintaining current operations.

When you work with DHL Supply Chain, we take care of your supply chain so you can keep up with the rapid pace of change in the global energy marketplace. With our industry expertise and proven background as a logistics leader, we make your operations more efficient and provide the guidance to improve the utilization of your equipment, facilities, and resources. Our supply chain assessment solution improves plant congestion, productivity, inventory accuracy, and material tracking, among others. With our international presence, we can improve efficiency and create visibility across your supply chain.

We already support many of the largest energy companies on every continent. Find out exactly how we can help you, and why DHL Supply Chain is the best choice for logistics solutions across all sectors of the global energy industry.

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Oil and Gas

DHL Supply Chain's solutions for the oil and gas industry increase equipment utilization, ensure ready access to supplies with fewer interruptions for maintenance and manufacturing personnel and intensify the focus on health and safety.

Chemical and Petrochemical

Chemical & Petrochemical

Logistics solutions for the storage and movement of chemicals, petrochemicals, and commodity plastics. Our direct and indirect supply chain expertise allows you to preserve capital, increase efficiency and minimize operational cost.

Utilities, Power Generation, and Alternative Energies

Utilities, Power Generation, and Alternative Energies

Supply chain solutions to maintain, repair, and build power infrastructure. We combine strong local presence, logistics capabilities and global expertise to help companies tackle new challenges derived from the green initiatives.

Oil Sands and Mining

Oil Sands and Mining

DHL Supply Chain understands the unique challenges associated with mining operations. We can help you consolidate your supply chain to increase asset utilization with better material availability, resulting in higher uptime for equipment and operations.

How We Work

Case Study: A creative and comprehensive approach to MRO supply supports up-time goals for an oil sands producer in northern Alberta

A leading oil sands producer needed an integrated maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supply chain to meet higher production and maintenance targets. After plant and design audits, DHL Supply Chain formulated a comprehensive solution that included a new logistics network, dedicated transport, package tracking technology, and strategic procurement. This leaner supply chain improved performance, while reducing MRO stock-outs by 100%.

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Case Study: Reducing MRO costs for a leading petrochemical company

A leader in the petrochemical industry wanted to streamline maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supply across the company without jeopardizing existing operations. After a detailed supply chain analysis, DHL Supply Chain designed and delivered a unique solution that met these needs and reduced on-site inventory and transportation costs.

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