Your customers have more choices than ever before. They vote every day on what they want to buy, where they want to buy it, and how much they're willing to spend. Selling more products is all about securing those customer votes.

Working with DHL Supply Chain, you'll find a supply chain partner that understands your need to sell more products. We know the consumer products industry. We know your retail customers. We also know the role we're best suited to play in helping you get your products ready to sell. You develop a hot new product; we'll leverage our proven product launch process to get it to market as your marketing campaign rolls out.

We also help clients balance supply and demand. We can make, package and forward-deploy just enough to serve your market efficiently. As a single-source provider, we can also get it there faster, with fewer movements and touches. And our experience with major retailers can pay big dividends for you in higher acceptance rates and fewer penalties.

Manufacturing. Packaging. Warehousing and fulfillment. Transportation. It's a complete supply chain solution for getting products ready to sell.

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DHL Supply Chain Product Readiness Solutions

  • Food and beverage manufacturing delivers products faster, with less capital investment
  • On-site packaging services save time and allow all SKUs and promotional displays to arrive store-ready, in a single shipment
  • Warehousing systems are integrated with your enterprise planning systems to ensure orders are picked and filled accurately, on-time, every time
  • Detailed product launch processes are synched with your marketing campaigns to hit the ground running for new sales opportunities. Learn more about our product launch process.
DHL Supply Chain Product Readiness Solutions
  • Transportation solutions connect every part of your supply chain for completely seamless, fully trackable deliveries

How We Work

Solution Design

DHL Supply Chain provides consulting and analysis to help companies improve supply chains and get products to market faster.

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Technology Integration

Technology should respond to your business, not the other way around. Our process determines precisely what transportation management system will work best for you.

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