We're all supposed to drink more water. But let's face it. Water isn't very tasty. That's why single-serving beverage flavor packs are the hottest consumer packaging option to hit the market in years.

DHL Supply Chain is proud of its role in bringing this innovative packaging to market. Our Power Packaging operation produced the very first cappuccino stick pack nearly 10 years ago.

Today, the Power Packaging team produces nearly 2.5 billion stick packs a year for some of the nation's most recognized consumer brands. We are North America's largest producer of stick pack products.

The popularity of this innovative packaging option continues to grow, expanding to teas, hot chocolate and other beverages. If you're thinking about expanding your beverage product line, DHL Supply Chain can help you make it happen fast.

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Case Study: Global food and beverage manufacturer establishes leadership in thriving new market with innovative packaging solution

A global leader in consumer packaged goods wanted to capitalize on the exploding bottled water trend. So it partnered with Power Packaging, DHL Supply Chain’s food and beverage manufacturing unit, to launch an innovative stick pack powered beverage format in North America. As the business expanded, Power helped its customer fully automate the packaging operation and bring together three divisions on the same manufacturing platform. The solution gave the customer the manufacturing capacity to keep up with demand, while achieving additional cost savings.

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