Super-sized stores. Thousands of products on the shelves. Hundreds of retail and institutional customers with discrete needs. Getting your product noticed is critical to increasing sales. But it's not just about the product any more. It's about the packaging as well.

Multi-product, convenience kits support cross-selling efforts. Holiday baskets turn everyday products into premium gifts. Value packs provide more value to consumers. End-of-aisle displays draw attention to new products.

You need to offer more packaging options to stay competitive. You also need to do it in a smart way to manage the added costs and complexities.

We help you design, assemble, and package products in ways that increase sales — from value packs and gift baskets to floor-ready promotional displays. And our packaging areas are located in the same facility where your products are manufactured or stored, so there's less product movement and better quality control.

Our packaging services are just one more way DHL Supply Chain can help you increase responsiveness to your customers and grow your business.

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DHL Supply Chain Assembly and Packaging Services

  • Design, material sourcing and assembly
  • Floor-ready promotional displays
  • Module building
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Sticker and label application
DHL Supply Chain Assembly and Packaging Services
  • Product bundling and meal kitting
  • Flexible vertical and horizontal cartoning
  • Product coding and recall

How We Work

Case Study: Global food and beverage manufacturer establishes leadership in thriving new market with innovative packaging solution

A global leader in consumer packaged goods wanted to capitalize on the exploding bottled water trend. So it partnered with Power Packaging, DHL Supply Chain’s food and beverage manufacturing unit, to launch an innovative stick pack powered beverage format in North America. As the business expanded, Power helped its customer fully automate the packaging operation and bring together three divisions on the same manufacturing platform. The solution gave the customer the manufacturing capacity to keep up with demand, while achieving additional cost savings.

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Case Study: Consumer Goods Primary Packaging Solution Improves Quality

A leading consumer packaged goods company wanted to better control transportation costs and quality for one of its pet food brands by co-locating primary product packaging with secondary packaging and distribution operations. The company called on DHL Supply Chain to design and execute a packaging line that met the quality and safety standards expected by customers. Seamless integration of the operation slashed both transportation costs and order lead times, allowing the company to better satisfy retail customer demands.

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