Consumer Packaged Goods Services and Solutions

Increasing sales and market share is about much more than delivering products to consumers. It's about maintaining higher levels of quality than ever before. It's about innovative programs that bundle products into compelling packages. And it's about living by the rules of retail giants.

DHL Supply Chain can help you every step of the way. We work with the biggest manufacturers and retailers in the world, so we understand every phase of your supply chain. Our processes improve your speed to market, reduce damage to products, and strengthen your relationships with the companies that put your products front and center.

Our services include innovative manufacturing solutions for getting packaged food and beverage products ready for sale and floor-ready promotional displays that get them noticed. Our flexible warehousing solutions provide the safety and security you demand; our cleverly designed mixing centers and transportation options deliver the wider selection and smaller quantities that many retailers desire.

Your mission is to develop and market the best products possible. Our mission is handling everything else.

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Core Services

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

You have high standards for quality; retailers have strict compliance requirements. We use consistent handling processes to exceed those expectations. Every order is delivered on time and ready for sale.

Transportation Management

Moving consumer goods is a delicate balance between cost and service. We use the best systems, processes and people to ensure your product arrives at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost.

Manufacturing Services

A product only generates sales if you can get it to market in the package customers want. DHL Supply Chain's Power Packaging operation is the largest producer of food and beverage products in North America with seven manufacturing facilities that service a broad range of customers and products.

Assembly & Packaging

Floor-ready promotional displays, standard retail packs, value packs and holiday gift baskets are just a few of the custom-packaging solutions we deliver every day. And we can do it on site at your DHL Supply Chain-managed facility, which reduces costs and damage caused by product movement.

Airline Logistics

It's complicated - and often inefficient - to effectively manage above-the-wing airline logistics. We understand, and we can help. DHL Supply Chain is an expert at managing complex supply chains, partnering with the worlds top brands to streamline and optimize operations. And we can do the same for your brand.

Business Solutions

Get Products Ready to Sell

Manufacturing. Packaging. Warehousing and fulfillment. Transportation. DHL Supply Chain offers a complete supply chain solution to make it happen.

Simplify Complex Supply Chains

Consumer products companies constantly expand and contract brand portfolios. It's smart for growth, but difficult for supply chain managers. We can help streamline your operations for greater flexibility.

Expand Internationally

Expanding sales overseas? Sourcing internationally to reduce costs? You need a partner that understands the global marketplace. DHL Supply Chain operates in nearly every region in the world. We'll help you get there.

How We Work

Case Study: Global food and beverage manufacturer establishes leadership in thriving new market with innovative packaging solution

A global leader in consumer packaged goods wanted to capitalize on the exploding bottled water trend. So it partnered with Power Packaging, DHL Supply Chain’s food and beverage manufacturing unit, to launch an innovative stick pack powered beverage format in North America. As the business expanded, Power helped its customer fully automate the packaging operation and bring together three divisions on the same manufacturing platform. The solution gave the customer the manufacturing capacity to keep up with demand, while achieving additional cost savings.

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Case Study: Seamless execution smoothes the way for leading yogurt manufacturer to meet growing market demand

With the market for yogurt experiencing dynamic global growth, one leader in the category had to significantly increase production to meet demand. This increase naturally affected the supply chain, so the company looked to its logistics partner, DHL Supply Chain, to start up a new distribution center. An extremely compressed timeline and isolated location not near other DHL Supply Chain operations were substantial challenges; however, DHL Supply Chain applied its deep customer knowledge and project management methodology to seamlessly start up a highly productive distribution center on time and on budget.

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