Chemical, petrochemical, and other materials in this market are expensive, potentially dangerous, and intended for specific uses only. And, of course, critical to not just your business, but to any other you're supplying. DHL Supply Chain is committed to following the strictest safety and environmental standards in the transport and storage of these goods.

The health of our associates, our customers, and the public is our top priority, and our environmental performance meets all contemporary requirements. DHL Supply Chain operations are run in a manner acceptable to all local communities. Our solutions comply with the relevant laws and regulations and we take any additional measures we consider necessary. We are also in the process of developing and deploying a new global safety initiative called Sustainable Zero, which will launch in early 2010. The program focuses on our operations in the Energy industry with the goal of achieving and maintaining zero recordable injuries.

It's not just about complying today. It's about getting better all the time in this critical area. We invest heavily in training, set demanding performance targets, and measure progress to ensure continuous improvement in safety, security, health, and environmental performance.

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Case Study: Distribution Center Partnership with DHL Supply Chain Eliminates Waste and Saves Costs for DuPont

DuPont Building Innovations launched its Drive to Zero program several years ago to help meet its mission for sustainable growth, as well as customer expectations for environmental sustainability. For its part, DHL Supply Chain had been building a culture of sustainability at its DuPont distribution center for many years, so it was ready to advance DuPont's mission immediately. The collaboration between DuPont and DHL Supply Chain achieved zero waste ahead of schedule, diverted nearly 2,000 tons of material from landfills and generated new revenue for DuPont.

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