"Turnkey." It's a word that's used a lot, but rarely delivered. But that's precisely what DHL Supply Chain provides when we create product processing and packaging systems for businesses in that produce and distribute chemicals, petrochemicals, lubricants, and related goods.

Most of our packaging solutions involve polyethylene or polypropylene pellets fed from railcars into form, fill, and seal lines — everything from 55-pound bags to 2,000-pound boxes. Our specialized packaging classes include "sea bulk," where we load pellets into a plastic-lined container for export.

Whether provided independently or as part of an end-to-end supply chain solution, these services give you a competitive advantage. By integrating manufacturing and packaging operations within your supply chains, you gain flexibility, improve service levels, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market.

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DHL Supply Chain Packaging Services

  • Packaging
  • Blending
  • Light manufacturing
  • Sub-Assembly
  • Metering
  • Grinding
  • Kitting

How We Work

Project Management

Launching in-plant services takes a precision project plan. We map out the process and deliver results on time, on target, and on budget. A proven, disciplined approach is the key.

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Quality Assurance

You can't manage what you can't measure. We track your business from every angle to make sure it delivers the results you need.

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