Chemical Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

Anyone who works in the chemical industry knows that safety and constant changes in global supply and demand dramatically affect the supply chain. As always, products must also arrive safely and on time. This is why having a "good" transportation and logistics company just isn't good enough. You need the best, and DHL Supply Chain is the supply chain management company that delivers.

We believe that in industries driven by the strictest safety and environmental regulations, there are still opportunities to increase control and reduce costs. We adhere to all safety guidelines, while best managing our customers' individual goals to safely and efficiently transport chemicals. We offer solutions that improve each phase of the chemical logistics supply chain.

Our goal is to provide supply chain management solutions that optimize performance and systems, so that predictability improves and you're able to mitigate potential problems before they arise. By increasing product velocity, we provide market access more consistently. And we minimize the cost of transport by providing direct top shipping options.

How do we do it? It is our experience that transforms possibilities into realities. DHL Supply Chain's logistics management expertise is a result of decades in the business and access to a globally integrated network. DHL Supply Chain has a significant infrastructure and operational presence in every global market. Our flexibility helps us meet ever-changing supply chain needs resulting from global demand fluctuations. No wonder seven of the world's 10 top chemical companies choose DHL Supply Chain as a trusted contract logistics partner.

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Core ServicesCore Services

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

A streamlined solution from DHL Supply Chain brings bottom-line benefits. Decrease your investment in fixed assets, inject consistency across your fulfillment operations, and quickly respond to changes in demand.


We help speed up and lower the costs of pre - and post-manufacturing operations, including, blending, grinding, and more. Increase order fill rates, decrease inventory levels, and improve on-time delivery.

Transportation Management

Gain control and reduce the risk associated with chemical logistics. With fewer vendors and tasks to manage, your team can focus on other critical business issues.

In-Plant Services

Having an in-plant partner gives you a leg up in meeting and exceeding key performance indicators. If it's happening within your facilities or plant sites, DHL Supply Chain can do it for you.

Business SolutionsBusiness Solutions

Keep Manufacturing Running (MRO)

Don't let interruptions slow you down. You need efficient and reliable maintenance repair and operation (MRO) integrated with your supply chain. It's something we do best.

Move Large Volumes More Efficiently

Our direct port import/export solutions provide maximum loading of ocean containers. The result: up to 20 percent reduction in transportation costs and reduced total-container demand.

Reduce Capital Assets & Improve Supply Chain Efficiencies

From full network design through targeted process improvements. We identify performance gaps unique to companies in the chemical industry and fix them with effective logistics solutions.

How We Work

Case Study: Distribution Center Partnership with DHL Supply Chain Eliminates Waste and Saves Costs for DuPont

DuPont Building Innovations launched its Drive to Zero program several years ago to help meet its mission for sustainable growth, as well as customer expectations for environmental sustainability. For its part, DHL Supply Chain had been building a culture of sustainability at its DuPont distribution center for many years, so it was ready to advance DuPont's mission immediately. The collaboration between DuPont and DHL Supply Chain achieved zero waste ahead of schedule, diverted nearly 2,000 tons of material from landfills and generated new revenue for DuPont.

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Case Study: DHL Supply Chain Quickly Designs and Implements Freight Payment Solution for Agricultural Specialty Leader

DHL Supply Chain provides transportation services to a global leader in agricultural and environmental sciences, but the freight payment component was historically handled by a different third party. The manual system lacked integration and was prone to error. The customer turned to DHL Supply Chain for help, and the team designed and delivered an integrated solution in 90 days. In this short timeframe, DHL Supply Chain applied its deep knowledge of the customer and implemented a program that leveraged existing technology platforms, applied new ones, improved visibility and saved $225,000 within the first year.

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