We work with manufacturers, wholesalers, independent distributors and retailers representing all aspects of the tire industry. DHL Supply Chain has years of experience in this industry developing unique solutions for our customers that range from basic warehouse and transportation services to a lead logistics provider relationship.

Whether you are looking to flex warehouse space due to varying customer sales locations or properly allocate product supply based on customer demand, DHL Supply Chain will help you define and develop the right solution.

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Case Study: Continuous improvement drives energy-saving effort at Goodyear

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has long considered conservation a key to sustaining its world operations. So, when an DHL Supply Chain-initiated lighting analysis at one of Goodyear's facilities revealed a startling opportunity to conserve electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the team seized the opportunity. DHL Supply Chain drove the project from inception to implementation. In the end, it ultimately surpassed expectations and projected savings.

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An effective supply chain evolves to meet changing business needs. We are in constant pursuit of ways to make yours work smarter.

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