Managing a fleet takes more than quality vehicles and efficient routes. The right people make the difference. But recruiting and training drivers and operators takes time and investment, and retaining that talent is never easy. Add to this the other demands of modern logistics — safety, security, and the constant pressure to lower costs in the face of volatile fuel prices — and it’s no wonder more and more companies look beyond their own walls for help.

DHL Supply Chain's dedicated contract carriage group provides an end-to-end transportation solution for optimizing networks and efficiently managing operations, drivers, equipment, and regulatory compliance. DHL Supply Chain will create and continuously optimze routes, schedule deliveries, and handle any other transportation needs.

We give customers access to one of the country’s largest dedicated carriage networks, supported by seasoned logistics professionals. And we facilitate strategic alliances between peers and competitors alike that consolidate services and lower costs. The result is improved equipment and load utilization, smarter backhaul, less duplication, and greater efficiency.

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DHL Supply Chain Dedicated Contract Carriage for the Automotive Market

  • Achieve new economies of scale through shared contract carriage delivery
  • Gain additional cost control and flexibility in a difficult market
  • Reduce excess capacity and related fuel and labor expenses
  • Eliminate the day-to-day challenges of fleet operations such as driver employment issues, and regulatory restrictions and compliance
  • Flexible alternative to private fleet investment
DHL Supply Chain Dedicated Contract Carriage for the Automotive Market
  • Provide customers with consistent, on-time, quality service
  • Improve resource utilization, information quality, and consistency

How We Work

Process Improvement

An effective supply chain evolves to meet changing business needs. We are in constant pursuit of ways to make yours work smarter.

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Case Study: Manufacturer collaboration is key to unlocking better service and lower costs

The success of five automakers working with DHL Supply Chain to consolidate cargo and share aftermarket parts delivery services in Mexico proves that when it comes to increasing service and reducing costs, even competitors can collaborate.

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