We understand the demands of the automotive market, and getting the right parts delivered at the right time and quantity is a Key component to your success. Managing the moduralization of components and increasingly complex supply chains — is what separates industry leaders from everybody else.

We provide the preparation, organization, and oversight you need to manage your inbound activities and respond quickly to fluctuating supply and demand. DHL Supply Chain has the capabilities, operational expertise, and innovative technology to help you reduce inventory and investment costs, improve delivery times, and coordinate multiple components more efficiently. The result: you're able to respond to market changes faster and more effectively, and maintain and improve service levels and market share.

Our range of services and systems addresses the inbound supply chain challenges inherent to the automotive industry, from line sequencing to cross docking. Whether you are thinking long-term about global consolidation and time-to-market concerns in an increasingly dynamic marketplace, or focusing on more immediate pressures such as customer relationships, new regulations and evolving technical standards, we can help.

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DHL Supply Chain Inbound to Manufacturing Services

  • International freight management services
  • Domestic and regional inbound services
  • Supplier park final configuration
  • In-plant services
DHL Supply Chain Inbound to Manufacturing Services

How We Work

Solution Design

DHL Supply Chain provides consulting and analysis to help companies improve supply chains and get products to market faster.

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Case Study: Increasing inventory efficiency helps a leading automaker streamline production in Mexico

For one leading international automaker, increasing the efficiency of inbound-to-manufacturing materials flow was the fundamental step in driving peak production performance. With several suppliers and sub-assemblers all supporting the production schedule, collaboration was a major challenge. DHL Supply Chain customized its supplier integration system, which included a specialized in-house IT platform, and provided support and training at implementation and ongoing operation stages. The innovative solution improved material flow, increased visibility and led to a 30 percent reduction in inventory.

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