Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

The automotive industry is in continuous motion. Manufacturing costs are rising. Demand is shifting. Globalization is changing the competitive landscape. Manufacturers, distributors, and dealers are responding to these challenges by looking at how they go to market — and how they get to market.

DHL Supply Chain's extensive experience in automotive logistics can help you improve the way you get to market. We work in and around active supply chains to reduce cost and inefficiency, clarify processes, and improve delivery accuracy. Our people, processes, and services are geared toward simplifying the most complex and extended supply chains.

We can help you build a supply chain that's easier to manage and more able to anticipate and respond quickly to changing market conditions. With that worry off your mind, you can spend more time on the things that ultimately make you more competitive, like service, productivity and innovation.

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Core Services

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

We make sure your products are stored, handled, organized, accounted for, and shipped economically. Our national network of dedicated and shared-use facilities is just one aspect of the end-to-end solutions we offer to automotive customers.

In-Plant Services

Having a partner with real-life production experience is the difference between meeting and exceeding key performance objectives. We can work with you, or for you, to handle anything that happens within your facilities or plant sites.

Transportation Management

Fundamental processes like transportation are at the heart of automotive supply chain efficiency. We make planning, sourcing, scheduling, and transporting more seamless, visible, and cost-effective.

Business Solutions

Get Materials to Production Lines On Time

From global sources of supply to local consumption points, DHL Supply Chain supports the inbound flow of materials from suppliers to your production lines. Lean strategies increase efficiency and ensure just-in-time deliveries.

Manage International Supply Chains

Offshore sourcing is a key strategy in meeting automotive cost and manufacturing goals. Managing the realities of global logistics — security, international regulations, customs, and more — requires a partner with the local knowledge to manage international suppliers.

Improve Availability of Replacement Parts

Great service depends on having the right part when and where you need it. Our automotive aftermarket service and replacement parts solutions — from sourcing to dedicated delivery services — provide the value you want and the service levels you need to keep customers satisfied.

Optimize and Simplify Fleet Operations

DHL Supply Chain’s Dedicated Contract Carriage solution gives customers access to one of the largest transportation networks, supported by seasoned logistics professionals. Companies achieve new economies of scale through shared delivery, resulting in less duplication and greater efficiency.

How We Work

Case Study: Increasing inventory efficiency helps a leading automaker streamline production in Mexico

For one leading international automaker, increasing the efficiency of inbound-to-manufacturing materials flow was the fundamental step in driving peak production performance. With several suppliers and sub-assemblers all supporting the production schedule, collaboration was a major challenge. DHL Supply Chain customized its supplier integration system, which included a specialized in-house IT platform, and provided support and training at implementation and ongoing operation stages. The innovative solution improved material flow, increased visibility and led to a 30 percent reduction in inventory.

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Case Study: Manufacturer collaboration is key to unlocking better service and lower costs

The success of five automakers working with DHL Supply Chain to consolidate cargo and share aftermarket parts delivery services in Mexico proves that when it comes to increasing service and reducing costs, even competitors can collaborate.

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