Choose your Industry


Streamlined logistics for equipment, component and aftermarket parts manufacturers for the automotive industry. Solutions that add a competitive advantage.


You create products consumers want. We help make sure they get them. DHL Supply Chain provides packaging, storage, and delivery of consumer goods to big box retailers, home improvement centers, and other stores.


End-to-end logistics for manufacturers of industrial components, heavy equipment, materials and supplies including building products and other capital goods.


Increase customer satisfaction in new and existing markets and channels. Logistics solutions for apparel, home goods, food, consumer electronics, general merchandise, and more.

Fulfillment and Transportation Services


Logistics solutions for the storage and movement of chemicals, petrochemicals, and commodity plastics. We help you promote safety, reduce cost and minimize operational cost.

Life Sciences

Solutions for the storage, packaging, and delivery of over-the-counter medications, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. The flexibility and security you absolutely must have.


Solutions for the distribution, assembly, and order fulfillment of technology components and finished products. DHL Supply Chain helps you reduce cycle times and improve supply chain performance.