Moving products from manufacturing plants to warehouses, between facilities and to distributors, can represent more than half of your total logistics costs. Add international sourcing or distribution, and those costs can skyrocket even higher.

When you work with DHL Supply Chain for transportation, there are simply fewer vendors and tasks to manage. We can provide services from a total transportation outsource to helping you find capacity when you have a tough load to move. Our asset-neutral approach allows us to design a transportation solution that leverages multiple modes to ensure your product arrives where it needs to be at the lowest landed cost. We can put our carrier sourcing expertise to work in securing and managing the optimal combination of service providers. Or, we can manage your network of carriers.

With our core transportation solution, you'll also get a leading-edge Transportation Management System (TMS) configured and deployed to your specifications. We add strong operating procedures and seasoned personnel to help transform your transportation network into a competitive advantage.

We know every business has different needs. That's why we offer an array of transportation solutions.

Transportation Management Solutions

Transportation management solutions give you the resources and visibility you need at a cost you can manage. Whether we're managing your carriers or creating a dedicated fleet, we'll deliver higher levels of service, more reliability and more control over your product movement. Learn more about our transportation solutions for the Automotive, Chemical, Consumer, Industrial, Life Sciences, Retail, Technology industries.

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DHL Supply Chain Transportation Management Services

  • Network design and optimization
  • Carrier sourcing and compliance management
  • Transportation planning and optimization
  • Order consolidation services
  • Dedicated transportation
  • Freight bill audit and payment
  • Claims administration
DHL Supply Chain Transportation Management Services
  • Visibility and shipment event tracking
  • Performance management and reporting
  • Transportation management system (TMS) configuration and implementation

How We Work

Case Study: Cross-Border Solution Drives Truck Manufacturer's Operations in Mexico

Part of the manufacturing and sourcing strategy for North America's leading manufacturer of medium, heavy-duty diesel and specialized trucks was to grow its truck assembly operations in Mexico. To optimize its cross-border supply chain, the company turned to DHL Supply Chain for an end-to-end solution. DHL managed all cross-border functions including infrastructure, consolidation/deconsolidation and brokerage, which simplified management and reduced costs for the customer.

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Case Study: DHL Supply Chain Quickly Designs and Implements Freight Payment Solution for Agricultural Specialty Leader

DHL Supply Chain provides transportation services to a global leader in agricultural and environmental sciences, but the freight payment component was historically handled by a different third party. The manual system lacked integration and was prone to error. The customer turned to DHL Supply Chain for help, and the team designed and delivered an integrated solution in 90 days. In this short timeframe, DHL Supply Chain applied its deep knowledge of the customer and implemented a program that leveraged existing technology platforms, applied new ones, improved visibility and saved $225,000 within the first year.

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