Designing a great solution is just the first step. DHL Supply Chain can also help you put the plan in place, becoming an extension of your team in the implementation and ongoing management of your supply chain. Our commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement keeps your team and ours focused and effective.

At DHL Supply Chain, it's all about how we work to build a foundation for ongoing success. When you're more nimble as a business, form better relationships with your customers, and achieve better visibility throughout your supply chain — well, that's when we know we've accomplished our goal.

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DHL Supply Chain Management Services

  • Dedicated, on-site resources
  • Event management tools
  • Supplier management / lead logistics provider services
  • Engineered operational standards
  • Quality assurance methodology
  • Facility and process reengineering teams
  • Continuous improvement workshops
  • Consolidated management reporting

How We Work

Case Study: Novartis Partners with DHL Supply Chain for Strategic Supply Chain Outsourcing

Novartis, a leading global pharmaceutical manufacturer, recognized the need for a more flexible supply chain that could support varying and expanded distribution strategies. Collaboratively, Novartis and DHL Supply Chain developed a supply chain repositioning plan without disrupting the continuity of supply to customers. Novartis relocated its warehouse, optimized IT processes, and implemented customer-centric initiatives. Volume ramped up quickly, while total costs and cost per unit declined sharply. And, the flexibility achieved enabled Novartis to remain focused on its core objective: patient care.

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Case Study: Demand Management Services Slash Costs and Boost Service Levels for Regional Grocery Chain

United Supermarkets decided to convert from a wholesale to self distribution model. But it needed a partner that could perform demand management services to transition and manage this model effectively. DHL Supply Chain constructed a build-to-suit warehouse that incorporated systems and processes to support self distribution, and provided comprehensive demand planning, replenishment, deployment and reporting activities. The customized solution enabled the successful transition to a self distribution model while lowering costs and inventory, and improving service.

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