Many customers come to DHL Supply Chain with a business problem, and not necessarily a supply chain problem. Through supply chain consulting and network design studies, we show you the big picture — what's working and what could be optimized for operational efficiency and better service to your customers.

We combine innovative supply chain modeling tools with the real-life practical experience we've accumulated over hundreds of implementations. The result is a supply chain that will help your business starting day one — and give you the flexibility to meet changing business needs.

When you're more nimble as a business, form better relationships with your customers, and achieve better visibility throughout your supply chain — well, that's when we know we've accomplished our goal.

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DHL Supply Chain Analysis and Design Services:

  • Supply chain consulting to define business needs and logistics opportunities
  • Distribution network analysis and design
  • Transportation network analysis and design
  • Facility modeling and layout, including mechanization option assessment
  • Technology needs assessment and integration planning
  • Labor management opportunity assessment
  • Real estate services
  • Implementation project management services
  • Supply chain maturity modeling
  • Logistics network strategy
  • Transport design
  • Warehouse and facility design and simulation
  • Project management
  • Operational analysis and improvement

How We Work

Case Study: Streamlining warehouse operations a calculated success for one technology company

For one technology manufacturer, the back-to-school season is the most vital to its success. Product must be on retailers' shelves before and during the sales season. The manufacturer was increasingly pressured to meet retail customer demands on product deliveries and custom packaging - all within very narrow windows of time. DHL Supply Chain's comprehensive solution included enhanced warehousing and distribution services that delivered cost efficiencies and, ultimately, helped the company improve its customer relationships.

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Case Study: Integrated solution helps global leader in air conditioning reduce complexity, manage risk and minimize costs

For the global leader in residential air conditioning, new government-mandated efficiency standards necessitated changes to product design that significantly impacted storage and distribution processes. Because of its expansive resources and expertise, DHL Supply Chain was able to deliver a solution for both real estate and operations that helped dramatically reduce complexity and time. DHL Supply Chain served as the single point-of-contact for both facility and operations projects, allowing the customer to focus on its business goals.

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