Getting replacement parts to an impatient market is not for the timid. We know your customers can't afford to wait. They want their parts now, if not sooner. You're the key to getting their units back up and running.

Through DHL Solutions, we design and maintain systems that not only get your customers the parts they need quickly, but also help you anticipate and prepare for that demand. We give you a complete perspective of your supply chain and inventory of what you've got in stock and in motion. And we manage an end-to-end model that integrates transportation, warehousing, and repair-cycle management.

How do we do it all? With a strategic network of global and regional warehouses and forward-stocking locations — all supported by professionals who understand the metrics that determine success in the technology market. The result: service that's faster, more reliable, and costs less to operate.

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Service Parts Logistics Services

  • Express logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • Returns logistics
  • Exchange logistics
  • Transportation management
DHL Supply Chain Service Parts Logistics Services

How We Work

Case Study: DHL Supply Chain streamlines Sun Microsystems' complex international supply chain for after-market products

Sun wanted to improve supply-side consistency across the globe by consolidating its supply chain vendors, establishing consistent processes and reducing costs. The company chose DHL Supply Chain to fill the warehouse role and still meet client delivery demands. Within four months, a major piece of the solution was in place resulting in initial cost reductions. Today, the partnership has reduced costs even further, lowered reverse logistics cycle time and established a unified structure.

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Case Study: Streamlining processes and consolidating facilities helps Xerox reduce supply chain costs

Over the years, Xerox’s spare parts supply chain had grown to support its North American customer base, but the resulting system was overly complex. So the company tapped DHL Supply Chain to standardize and modernize its supply chain. DHL Supply Chain streamlined locations, integrated systems and implemented new technology, leading to a 15 percent cost savings across the entire network.

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