So what's it like to work at DHL Supply Chain? Our world is challenging. Fulfilling. And always in motion. We're proud of our supportive work environment where associates are given the tools and training they need to learn, grow and succeed.

Pride In Industry Leadership

The supply chain management industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and DHL Supply Chain is the top supply chain management company in the Americas today. Our customers include the best-known domestic and international brands across many industries.

When you're part of DHL Supply Chain, you're responsible for getting our customers' products to the people who need them. It's a critical component of any business, and an awesome responsibility. With our global reach and industry leadership, amazing opportunities await DHL Supply Chain associates.

Corporate Culture

DHL Supply Chain associates enjoy a positive, respectful, and open workplace. It's an environment that includes diverse human perspectives and reflects the wide variety of communities in which we operate. Doing good things is a given at DHL Supply Chain. Whether it's for our customers, our fellow associates, or our communities, we make it a point to make a difference.

We know how important a positive work environment is. So we've put programs in place that encourage positive relationships and trust, including family-friendly policies and flexible work schedules where appropriate. When you join DHL Supply Chain, you join more than a company. You join a corporate family that encourages personal growth, responsibility, and respect.

Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity is about creating an inclusive working environment in which all colleagues/associates can fulfill their potential without artificial barriers and in which the team is made stronger by the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of its members.

Diversity embodies all the differences that make us unique individuals. Not limited to physical aspects of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation, it includes culture, religion, education, experience, opinion, beliefs, language, nationality and more.

DHL Supply Chain respects and values the unique perspectives and opportunities that a diverse workforce provides. A working environment where inclusion is embraced, where associates are promoted on their merits and where people treat each other with respect and dignity is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in today's global marketplace.

Offering a workplace where diversity is inclusive of all associates and is valued will help us build the top quality workforce that is so crucial to our success.

Investment In Our People

DHL Supply Chain places a strong emphasis on learning and development. We make training opportunities available and encourage the involvement of associates in the planning and direction of their work.

All associates have a hand in creating a personal development plan to help identify strengths and opportunities for taking their DHL Supply Chain career to the next level. We also offer a range of leadership development programs for those who express the interest and ambition to take on more responsibility.

DHL Supply Chain's online learning center is a way for team members to develop business and management skills. Associates access online tools to expand their understanding of specific business issues and "Basic Business Toolkits" to support ongoing professional development.