Like every other aspect of our business, we are committed to making technology a successful part of your revitalized supply chain. You demand consistent, high quality, cost-effective IT Services. Whether we're building from scratch or integrating with your existing system, our solutions are designed and implemented to meet these needs.

What you need — nothing more
We understand that technology follows a business need, not the other way around. We never insist on a single technology answer — we shape each one to your requirements. We base our judgment on your reality: what's your maturity model? Do you have an enterprise resource planning system to integrate? Is it integrated with your transportation and warehouse management systems?

It all factors into recommendations and implementation for today and into the future. Oracle, Red Prairie, SAP, Manhattan. You name it. We've worked with every system in the business during our implementation of over 200 solutions.

IT Project Management
We provide IT solutions in a predictable, repeatable, efficient manner. Rigorous project management disciplines are critical to delivering projects on time, on budget, and with quality results.

IT Product Management
We focus on using the best IT products available in the market for your business. We consistently review and deploy new capabilities for our customers as they become available in the marketplace. DHL Supply Chain's Integration team seeks tools that enable rapid integration through reuse of logic.

IT Service Management
Our operations depend on the predictable availability of IT systems. We leverage our size in procuring IT components (hardware, software, services) to reduce your costs over time.


How DHL Supply Chain IT solution efforts get better results

  • All technology solutions are designed to address specific purposes.
  • Better system reporting allows you to identify additional cost and efficiency opportunities.
  • Reduce time and frustration: Our systems are designed so they are easy-to-use and implement, but still meet the business requirements.
  • A better understanding of your system needs reduces risk.