Solution design is the art and science of analyzing your supply chain and finding ways to improve it. The key is knowing what to look for and where to look.

We study all aspects of your logistics operations, and use proprietary tools that reveal hidden problems and opportunities. Our supply-chain maturity models, for example, help us benchmark your logistics operations. By taking a realistic look at where you are today, we improve your ability to get where you want to go tomorrow.

Supply Chain Needs Assessments
Many customers come to us with a business problem — not necessarily a supply chain problem. We help them identify growth objectives, key customers, profitability goals, competitive issues, and more. It's the best way to see where their supply chain, revenue, and profitability intersect.

Our trained professionals use tools like the Finlistics Value Manager™ combined with real-life experience, designing hundreds of solutions. The result is an innovative but practical approach to your challenge.

Facility & Process Design
No one has designed more facilities in more ways than DHL Supply Chain. We understand that successful facilities are about more than the space. It's about how people, technology, and facilities come together to create an operation. From conventional use to fully mechanized operations, our analysis drives solutions that simply work. And we can creatively tailor space and processes to serve you when your needs change, such as for seasonal products in shared-use facilities.

Supply Chain Planning
Our in-depth analysis also includes network studies — optimizing operating costs, transportation, and inventory. We start with end demand and work backwards through manufacturing and supply to identify the most logical locations and transportation options.

Product distribution needs are combined with existing technology infrastructure to identify the best systems for your supply chain. Those that deliver the functionality you need can be integrated easily with existing enterprise resource planning systems.

Design to Implementation
The design team stays engaged from concept to implementation and beyond, to ongoing operations. This means your project will be delivered on time, on budget, and with sustainable performance.


DHL Supply Chain solution design delivers deeper insight and ongoing value

  • DHL Supply Chain recommendations are value-based and always tie back to your needs and objectives.
  • Our engineers have decades of experience delivering real value solutions
  • All solutions are operationally feasible and based on our experience as operating practitioners.
  • Best practices, successes, and benchmarks are shared across sectors and teams.
  • Our size, scale, and expertise provide constant innovation and system flexibility.
  • Design teams are cross-functional and engage in multiple disciplines when needed.
  • Our design process is fully integrated with DePICT, DHL Supply Chain's proprietary project management process.