Process improvement is a constant at DHL Supply Chain, because there is no such thing as a one-time solution. The minute your supply chain is perfected, your business will change and our focus as your partner will need to change with it. Our proactive approach to ongoing, incremental improvement is part of what sets DHL Supply Chain apart from our competition.

To keep your supply chain operations ahead of the curve, DHL Supply Chain relies on a proven Process Improvement methodology. From reengineering initiatives to continuous improvement workshops, we work with you to identify specific opportunities such as raising customer satisfaction or reducing process defects.

Guidance and advice
A dedicated team of process improvement advisors are available to you as part of your partnership with DHL Supply Chain. Their role is to help you understand and respond to different factors that impact your systems, such as acquisition or divestment of a business, new technology options, and more.

Workshops that work
Customer participation in process improvement workshops provides a significant increase in the value generated. Beginning with just 15 workshops in 1997, the popularity of DHL Supply Chain's joint strategy sessions has grown along with the savings realized. Today, we complete 200-250 workshops per year, garnering customer savings of more than $20 million annually.


How DHL Supply Chain process improvement programs are different from those of competitors

  • DHL Supply Chain emphasizes employee involvement and management engagement throughout the process.
  • Methods are applicable to a wide range of potential topics.
  • Continuous improvement has become a part of DHL Supply Chain's culture, resulting in internal as well as external efficiencies.
  • Motivates associates to achieve better customer service and an increased sense of value and contribution.
  • Our process is consistent with both Six Sigma and lean methodologies.
  • Provides a structured discipline for team-based problem solving.
  • Our regulatory expertise helps ensure that compliance with FDA, DEA, ATF, and other agencies is factored into all solutions.
  • Encourages a mindset focused on reduced process defects and costs.